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                                    In the Ptidej Team (Pattern Trace Identification, Detection, and Enhancement in Java1), we aim at developing theories, methods, and tools, to understand, evaluate, and improve the quality of IoT software systems by promoting the use of idioms, design patterns, and architectural patterns from communications protocols to systems-of-systems. We want to formalise patterns, to identify occurrences of patterns, and to improve the identified occurrences. We also want to evaluate experimentally the impact of patterns on the quality of IoT software systems. We develop various 苹果手机怎么浏览国外, most notably the Ptidej tool suite and Taupe, to evaluate and to enhance the quality of any software systems, promoting the use of patterns, either at the language-, design-, or architectural-levels. Check out our research topics, a presentation of Ptidej in Japenese, or a video presenting the tool suite in action to learn more about our research work!

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                                    1 "Ptidej" means "breakfast" in French argot and is pronounced "tE-dAzh as in pterodactyl and déjà vu.

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